Michael Kors Ladies Runway Watch

Michael Kors Ladies Runway Watch

Michael Kors Ladies Runway Watch

Shop men’s watches, the ultimate symbol of style and sophistication. People had blinders on when it came to watches, and now they’re going to be noticing and having an awareness that didn’t exist before. And both camps are hoping there will be more women in that consumer base, as both Apple and the luxury watch industry are focusing marketing efforts on women, with style-focused Apple ads appearing in Vogue and other fashion-oriented placements.luxury watches under 2000

That’s why you’ll see a Swiss luxury brand like Piaget trumpeting the fact that its new Altiplano Automatic 43mm (the number traditionally refers to the diameter of the watch face) is a mere 5.25 millimeters thick, making it “the thinnest watch in its category,” and touts its new Calibre 1200P movement (the movement is the actual mechanism, or guts, of a watch) as being “the thinnest self-winding movement currently on the market, at 2.35mm.” By comparison, on the 44-mm Panerai watch, the crystal covering the face alone clocks in at 2mm.

Now the flood of timepieces largely intended for Asia and Europe aren’t moving; rather they’re turning up on the gray market, where new models, unlike those sold at authorized retailers, can be had at steep (15% to 60%) discounts Watch brands saw big numbers everywhere, and they started overproducing, says David Sadigh, the founder and chief executive of the market research firm, Digital Luxury Group in Geneva.

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