Michael Kors Black Gold Watch

Michael Kors Black Gold Watch

Michael Kors Black Gold Watch

One would be forgiven for thinking that all luxury watches are simply out of the realm of possibility for most guys. There’s only one reason you know how to pronounce the word Piaget and that’s because of the renowned Swiss luxury watch brand. For ladies who prefer more classically masculine watches, but who find the dials a little too big, Maurice Lacroix makes a ladies version of the Eliros. Simplicity be damned, and some times more is better, especially when it comes to the best affordable watches.

There is a long list of luxury watch brands and choosing between them can often be both enjoyable and agonising. One of the more beautiful pieces featured in this article and easily one of the best affordable watches is the Uniform Wares M42 Chronograph, a great minimalistic piece that isn’t overly large and won’t break the bank. Naturally, the only place to source these Birth Year Watches are in the pre-owned luxury watch market.

There are men’s dress watches, men’s casual watches, men’s sports watches in assorted movements and materials. Our collection of women’s wrist watches for sport ranges from resin-strap, digital models to classic silver links, with water-resistant, quartz movements. We are in Houston, Texas,

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